Trouble Naming Your Band? Just Add “Fat Girl”

As a non-member of any band, it is my uniformed assumption that the hardest part is choosing a name. From The Beatles to The Jonas Brothers, there is one thing every successful band has in common; they have a name.

It is no secret that we here at The Filtered Press always aim to help a brotha out.  So, as our gift to you we are dropping some band-naming knowledge for you imaginatively inept musicians. The recipe for naming a band is simple: just add a splash of fat girl.  This rule applies to every single genre and is sure to get your band the attention they deserve.

Here are some examples to get the creative juices flowing:

Country- Jebediah’s Fat Girl Trio

Rap- “Old Dirty Fat Girl”

Metal- “Mangled Fat Girl”

Emo-  “Lonely Fat Girl”

Punk- “Look! A Fat Girl”

European New Wave Pop-  “Das Fat Girl”

Jazz Fusion Project- “Mr. Rodgers and The Funky Fat Girl Army”

Experimental Indie Noise Rock- “Skinny Fat Girl”

Midwestern Hip Hop- “Don’t Feed The Fat Girl”

Brett Jones & Mister Polone, May 2010

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