Dragon House

I do not keep many constants

but I will explain one of them

there is the Buddha I rub before
leaving my studio each & every
day; parts of his back & sack are
broken, but his smile remains

the same. I cannot remember
when he came into my life
but if I were to guess
it would be my thirteenth
or sixteenth birthday.

I really wanted one, and
there was this chinese food
place in the town that I grew
up that sold them. They also
had a big Buddha by the door.

My family always used to rub
his belly when we came & went
thinking it would bring good luck,
I guess until the next time we ate
Chinese food. I wanted one for my

birthday. He is maroon and broken.

I am not sure if my brother
or my parents
purchased him for me

but he probably cost about 2.99

and I rub his belly before I leave my studio

every day

and I have since high school actually

I cant tell if that is good or bad

but it is true

and it still hope he brings me luck

he is sitting beside me

he is maroon and broken

I just rubbed his belly

and now I am going to bed.

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