RPDSociety / Fifty American Sentences

RPDSociety.com  is one of my favorite websites and a near-daily read for me.  On top of that, they are a great group of people.  I am very grateful to be featured on their tumblr blog today.  There are some kind words from the editor and new piece titled Fifty American Sentences (OR) 850 Syllables for America.  Check it out HERE.

…And right here:

850 Syllables for America

The ‘American Sentence’ is a succinct, seventeen syllable phrase created by Allen Ginsberg.
This is my exploration of the form.

Catfish as big as coyotes rest beneath the fallen honey locust.

Final frontier: an abandoned snow-covered bus; die in peace, alone.

Sneaking her across the border, I knew our love would someday end in tears.

Oh Little Rock, oh, Little Rock, oh look what your statues have become.

Perfect life sucked ashore between waves, forgetting the truth of being.

Go to school or the mall or see a movie instead, just don’t get shot.

Fuck your white picket fence, hedge fund, fake tits, private school and leased Lexus.

Came to see the ocean shore but was content with the lack of taxes.

Some people retire to year-round sun/ some people eat human flesh.

Stained glass visions decorate every untouched blade of fresh cut grass.

She moved slow motion beside the flame, sweat collecting in back dimples.

Bighorn sheep eat slowly while rock-bottom souls leap into Hell’s Canyon.

Dressed as a clown, managed a chicken shop and prepared to rape and kill.

Red sky fades behind cornfields and candles burn inside unlocked doors.

Pulled into the Winnebago factory, slept in the parking lot.

Tapped old red sneakers together in a windstorm, waiting for magic to take me back home.

The horse snapped his leg in the third turn and the jockey deserved to die.

Stranded alone in the bayou; boots soaked, belly full of gator meat.

Crabs and lobsters wear skeletons like armor while humans hide in skin.

Walked into the Black Hills Forest to find young Robin, ended up nude and disemboweled.

Study hard to be a lawyer like daddy and own a yacht someday.

Everything that was once something will someday become home to rats.

Been there and then forgot it…would rather die in my car than remain.

M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I; the state that sings itself.

Broke into the beer factory just to swim in the vats of bubbles.

Seen the mountains, seen the clouds; toothless girl sucked me off for fifty bucks.

Windmill fields churning in the distance, at night blinking red for airplanes.

Bone-dry blackness in every direction, like drowning in the deep-sea.

New Hampshire
Spouts and tin buckets hang from trees to catch tears of fresh maple syrup.

New Jersey
Eight lane highways bordered by industrial buildings, choking the dead.

New Mexico
Woke up in the morning, hotel balcony was colder than expected, went back to sleep.

New York
People or trees; pick one and move on in silence through the lonely night.

North Carolina
Every store sells knives, but I like moms with tattoos, aged twenty-two.

North Dakota
Truck drivers sing to the radio and piss coffee stronger than battery acid.

Thank you Jesus Christ for the emptiness of nothing, your trees hollow, your ponds similar.

Expect a fistfight for wearing a fedora into the rest area.

Forge the river, don’t be a coward; drown in trying, or remain, stuck.

Confederate flags on pickup trucks idle beside a broken bell.

Rhode Island
The schoolhouse did not have a basement, so ghosts resided among us.

South Carolina
Spring break: Bud Light, sex with strangers and waves washing away young footprints.

South Dakota
Faces on mountains protect hawks, conniving in shaded pines below.

Crosses alongside the road and heroin flowing down the river.

Ordered steak; they sent me out back with beer and a captive bolt pistol.

Clay soil eroded into monuments by wind, rain and borrowed time.

The scaled beast comes above water after sundown to gaze at stars.

For love I stabbed myself between ribs and heart, and lived to fuck again.

Someday I will scream to your waters, please provide my voice forgiveness.

West Virginia
Shotgun beneath the bed and revolver in the dresser, safeties off.

Bought three pounds of expensive cheese and the mutt ate it while I got drunk.

Dude ranch down in the holler, pasture stretching beyond the horizon.

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