“You Like Keeping Things Alive”

I learned of a disease that kills houseplants: once one starts dying, others who share similar air will also start dying. The key to preventing a slow plague is to prune off any dead appendages quickly, and in regular intervals. My apartment required treatment: three-quarters of my houseplants were steadily dying. One big chain reaction…Continue reading ““You Like Keeping Things Alive””

Home Base: Part II

[For A.C.] Robbie has a tattoo of you on his chest now. None of us ever went to see that band again. We all move slower. Little Sonny is bigger now, he still likes good music. Clair is alone by choice. Every night she puts Little Sonny to bed and tucks herself in. She thinksContinue reading “Home Base: Part II”


Waking up at four AM to erratic fear of bugs is sure to guarantee never sleeping again. Everything is itchy when I snap on the lights, rip off the sheets, and strip naked for bloodshed. Using a flashlight I search corners, cracks, seams, clothes, sheets. I try to catch the little bastards but really hopeContinue reading “Infestation”

Shit On The Train

If I shit on the train, oh my god, that might be the worst thing ever if I shit on the train, it will be so embarrassing, oh my god, If I, have I started to shit on the train? Right here in front of all these nice people who are looking at me becauseContinue reading “Shit On The Train”

Spontaneous Human Combustion

To tell the story of the nice-guy is to tell a tale of unlost innocence. There is no complexity that circumstance can’t remedy. There is no effort to niceness; only a virgin world that blossoms on genetically mutated ideology, growing larger than generations past. Tomorrow, in Houston, a butcher will wake up to slaughter aContinue reading “Spontaneous Human Combustion”

I’m Falling In Love With Prostitutes.

I met the most beautiful girl on the train recently.  The presence of her in my life still feels like a dream.  She had heartbreaking greenbrown eyes.  She kind of had a butt chin, but it was cute.  She had a tiny star tattoo on the inside of her forearm.  I’ll start from the beginning.Continue reading “I’m Falling In Love With Prostitutes.”