Relax, Sweet Child

Your soul also deserves warmth. Your heart was born at peace. Fears are unspent energy, testing Your dreams; your dreams Will come true. Take comfort in following your own path. Take what you need and leave the rest. Decisions cannot be wrong, never Take forever; take forever By living today. Find the city where sleepContinue reading “Relax, Sweet Child”

“Information Superhighway”, or, My Shitty Generation

SLeePIN’ TxT me MwAH **~~//** LOL UR SELFIE IS SO GAY FAGGOT buncha stupid crackerz in dis video #whitegrilproblems#YOLO#smfh we all saw that pic of your pussy, slut #longhairdontevencare#whatever#fml JDOE sent you a friend request. JDOE Poked You! JDOE hacked yr hard drive. NSA HAS GONE TOO FAR! REVOLUTION! (…after you) (rick roll) (troll) (pwned)Continue reading ““Information Superhighway”, or, My Shitty Generation”

things are getting sad around here

the one tune I knew about spending your money was cut short when you ran out of money listening to alan jackson and garth brooks drinking very, very cheap whiskey knowing that if we were listening to garth brooks and alan jackson and fiddles and lap steel guitar and turning down bartenders we were alreadyContinue reading “things are getting sad around here”

The Boiler Journal / Two Pieces

Very excited to have two pieces, Missing Cheyenne and Unfinished Breakfast, featured in the Spring 2014 Issue of The Boiler Journal. A big thank you to the editors for all of their hard work. Check out the issue HERE.

RPDSociety / Fifty American Sentences  is one of my favorite websites and a near-daily read for me.  On top of that, they are a great group of people.  I am very grateful to be featured on their tumblr blog today.  There are some kind words from the editor and new piece titled Fifty American Sentences (OR) 850 Syllables forContinue reading “RPDSociety / Fifty American Sentences”

“You Like Keeping Things Alive”

I learned of a disease that kills houseplants: once one starts dying, others who share similar air will also start dying. The key to preventing a slow plague is to prune off any dead appendages quickly, and in regular intervals. My apartment required treatment: three-quarters of my houseplants were steadily dying. One big chain reaction…Continue reading ““You Like Keeping Things Alive””

The Ballad of The Eternally Damned

Pulled out the used car lot, rolled the windows down Headed to the country, a weekend in the woods ahead There was neither money in the bank nor soul in town, Dog in the backseat, from the window poked his head. Nine hours into the drive the truck began to sputter, Lights started flashing onContinue reading “The Ballad of The Eternally Damned”

Home Base: Part I

[For A.C.] Everything is going to be okay — you just did too much. Hang in there. The ambulance is on the way — you need to stay with me. Hang in there. Remember buying that Jimi Hendrix poster on that wall over there? It was freshman year, you had just moved into the dormContinue reading “Home Base: Part I”