State of Things, or, Something Else

The building where I live is ‘commercial only’ so I throw on torn shorts & a cut-off t-shirt on the way back from the communal shower. The shower has flies gathered in the corners, hair clumps on the floor, a note on the wall: “Clean your fucking hair!!!” & some nights I dream of steppingContinue reading “State of Things, or, Something Else”

Shit On The Train

If I shit on the train, oh my god, that might be the worst thing ever if I shit on the train, it will be so embarrassing, oh my god, If I, have I started to shit on the train? Right here in front of all these nice people who are looking at me becauseContinue reading “Shit On The Train”

Spontaneous Human Combustion

To tell the story of the nice-guy is to tell a tale of unlost innocence. There is no complexity that circumstance can’t remedy. There is no effort to niceness; only a virgin world that blossoms on genetically mutated ideology, growing larger than generations past. Tomorrow, in Houston, a butcher will wake up to slaughter aContinue reading “Spontaneous Human Combustion”